Colloque international

Psychoanalysis on Ice


Reykjavík en Islande

Du 26 au 29 juillet 2018

Avec la participation de plusieurs membres de la FEP :

Panel Session: Psychoanalysis and Food

Gorana Manenti
le 26 juillet à 16 h 45 :
” 22 ans, 22 kilos : quel transfert pour l’anorexique? “

Panel Session: What Constitutes an Interpretation?

Gérard Pommier
le 27 juillet à 14 h 30

Panel Session: Narcissism: All That Unites Us

Marielle David
le 28 juillet à 9 h

We invite psychoanalysts of all theoretical orientations to return to Reykjavik to discuss foundational psychoanalytic concepts as well as the challenges of psychoanalysis today. The history of psychoanalysis has been fraught with divisions, separations, excommunications, and seemingly unbridgeable rifts. That historical divisions are often transmitted and make for a markedly chilly present. We hope to potentiate deeper engagement among psychoanalysts, revisiting and revivifying fundamental concepts, and to consider together the challenges that face us all, from the abstract to the practical.

In 2014, over 120 psychoanalysts and academics with psychoanalytic interests heard panels and paper sessions, participated in discussions, and met in social experiences where local experts on Icelandic history and culture offered lectures and where tours brought groups from the conference to see firsthand the unparalleled beauty of the countryside. As in 2014, Psychoanalysis on Ice Two is not sponsored by, nor does it have an affiliation with, a particular school or group of psychoanalysts. We hope that by extending an open invitation, we can continue to provide a comfortable atmosphere that encourages freer exchange of ideas and the development of new bonds. Attendees will again participate in panels, discussions, and paper presentations that concern the practical, theoretical, and clinical aspects of psychoanalysis.

The conference will take place in Iceland, where the North American and Eurasian Plates meet, where the world’s oldest extant parliament exists, a venue historically detached from global conflict. A landscape ridden with volcanoes and glacial fields, steeped in a mythology and folklore that finds hidden people and elves in unexpected places; in Iceland, engagement with the invisible is omnipresent. In July, the days run long, potentiating conversation between hundreds of psychoanalysts into the late, sunlit hours.

In addition, attendees will be able to enjoy lectures from local experts on Icelandic folklore, history, and geology.

Drs Michael Garfinkle & Manya Steinkoler

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